Generating Income on a Friday evening!!!

It’s been a while since I last went to a focused group survey, especially on a wonderful Friday evening when you can use the time to enjoy a nice dinner with your loved one, watch a movie with your friends or chill-out with your colleague. Instead, I chose to spend the time on a focused group survey I signed up for.
The remuneration has to compensate for the time loss, so I thought it was a good time to earn extra earnings for the month. For the past surveys I have gone to, my remuneration was not too bad (Extra Income). This time, I received $200 for a two-hours focused group discussion. That’s money that is able to cover almost 15% of my monthly expenses together with my wife. There were also light refreshments which includes pizza, bread and some drinks. So I thought it was overall worth the effort, especially since the discussion takes place within distance from my home.

I am going to repeat again what T.Harv Eker used to say in his book. “Never Reject Money”. It taught us the importance of every single income earned and saved and converting the rest into residual passive income. Respect money and it will respect you back.
It’s now time to enjoy the rest of the evening on a Friday night 😉

32 thoughts on “Generating Income on a Friday evening!!!

    1. B

      Hi Uncle CW

      This one definitely not passive. Need to sacrifice time for money. Unless the timing and remuneration are good, I usually chose to skip it.

    1. B

      Hi Renewed Investor

      Yes why not right? 🙂

      I usually have some offers that clashes with the office working hours. In such cases I usually avoided them.

    1. B

      Hi Newbie Investor

      Thanks for visiting my blog.

      If you are interested I will include you in the survey mailing list.

    2. Anonymous

      Thanks adding me to the survey mailing list! Appreciate it and thanks for sharing – its great that there are people like you willing to share your knowledge.

      Newbie investor

  1. la papillion

    Hi B,

    Nice way to earn some extra pocket money 🙂 However, in my line of work, I have to think hard before accepting a new assignment that brings in another extra stream of cash flow. Effectively, I'm exchanging time for money, so it better be worth the time. Here's some of the things I've to think about:

    1. Whether taking this current assignment will deprive me of other better paying assignments
    2. Whether taking this current assignment opens me up to future assignments, in terms of referral
    3. will this assignment soften the variation of my income if i have a lot of graduating students, I will want to take in my lower sec students so that the following year I'll not have to start my income all over again
    4. will this assignment be able to expose me professionally to different types of syllabus so that i'm able to learn something different

    I read T.Harv's book..but I don't agree with his rejecting money philosophy. Doesn't work out well if I follow everything T.Harv said to a T, lol 😉

    1. B

      Hi LP

      I have to agree with you that it is a form of money exchanged with time loss.

      At this point in time, the reward is stillquite substantial to me so I decide to go for it. On top of it the discussion was actually pretty fun too, most times about the future of singapore economy, finances, malls or mobile phones.

      This is a one off. So definitely you willnot get recurring opportunity like your tuition income did. But maybe through this you would get opportunity to advertise your business through word of mouth from your focused group.

    2. B

      I remember somewhere you stated that you are busier on weekends than on weekdays. Maybe the time off is better for us to rest 🙂

  2. Happy

    Sir, appreciate if you can include me in the email for survey. Have stop working for 2yrs already. Would love to do something for a token. My email is :
    Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂
    Thank you

  3. Small Time Investor

    Hi B

    That's a great way to generate some income and knowledge during such process . Mind to share the survey mail too ? My email

    Thank you and have a nice weekend .

  4. Little Boy

    Hi B,

    Wahhh. That is such a great deal. I attended a 2 hour focus group before too, but they pay me $40. Considering Im a student, it is good money already. But $200! Ahhhh, I wish I can have that kind of survey too.

    If you got other lobangs, make sure to include me too leh 🙂

    1. Happy

      Hi B,
      Thanks for your generosity. You will be well rewarded for your kindness. I will contribute 20% to yr blog for my 1st assignment.


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