Dividends for Aug – Reaping the fruits from the golden tree

It has been an overall fantastic month for Aug for me as I continue to reap the benefits from my golden tree – DIVIDENDS. For the month of Aug alone, I will be receiving an amount of S$3,919.50. I think this is by far the biggest contributions from dividends I have received in any single month.

I’m extremely pleased to say that the rewards have certainly paid off though slowly but not the least after couple of years of hard work and perseverance.  This is the best form of passive income with me doing very little work but achieving big results. 
Even though the journey has started for me, it is the daily habits in my everyday life that has brought out the positives in me. I hope this will continue to be a form of motivations for investors who are seeking to start on earning passive income 🙂

Counter Dividend (S$)
SPH 1,080.00
Fraser Centerpoint Trust (FCT) 712.50
Vicom 480.00
Neratel 400.00
Ascott 367.00
Boustead 350.00
Fraser Commercial Trust (FCOT) 240.00
2nd Chance 204.00
First Reit 86.00
Total 3,919.50

13 thoughts on “Dividends for Aug – Reaping the fruits from the golden tree

  1. AK71

    Hi B,

    Congratulations! You are certainly doing better than I did at your age. Young and promising, you are. 🙂

    1. B

      Hi AK

      You are too flattering.

      Past result does not mean future results will be the same.

      Similarly it does not mean I will do better than you at your age. But I will try my best. You are a good role model.

  2. 15 HWW

    Hi B,

    Wow, that's almost $4k a month which can easily replace most young adults' salary. You're really well on your way to FI before 35.

    I also have a similar goal to yours and congrats on your good progress!

    1. B

      Hi Hww

      Thank you for your wish.

      To clarify, im not earning a passive 4k/month income on a monthly basis. I think its more like 1k/month now if I were to calculate it.

      I read your blog and its very inspirationally written as well. I think you will reach your end goal which ia similar like mine 😉

  3. 15 HWW

    Hi B,

    First of all, thanks for visiting and giving favourable comments on my budding blog.

    Yup, I understand this month is a bumper month for many of us (I am also receiving dividends from Vicom and Boustead for Aug) but an average of $1k of passive is still really impressive for someone before 30?

    Besides sharing similar goals and having some common stocks, we are also of similar age. Therefore, I could "connect" with and enjoyed many of your posts too. Hope to hear more from you!


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